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Abstract Background

Next evolution in market access and reimbursement support

Providing clarity in a chaotic landscape

Comprehensive Solutions Based on Your Unique Company Type:

In vitro Diagnostic Companies

IVD laboratory test clients seek information on current medical policy coverage, coding and reimbursement pathways when evaluating and adopting products. Reimbursement Hub provides robust coverage, coding, and reimbursement resources in support of those conversations.

Research Use Only Products (RUO)

RUO product customers seek support resources when commercializing their tests. Reimbursement Hub provides customized content such as how to gain a CPT code, special coding considerations, professional medical society guidelines, etc.

Automated IVD Platform Companies (Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) or PCR)

Platform customers expect manufacturers to provide information on medical policy determinations, CPT coding and reimbursement rates, and society guidelines - Reimbursement Hub provides customized and relevant information.

Coding is a clinical decision and should be to the highest level of specificity.  Any examples are provided for informational purposes only.  Information is subject to change; contact the appropriate payor for specific current coverage and coding guidance.  Individual patient billing will vary based on multiple factors and determination of coverage, coding, or reimbursement is not implied.  Coverage, deductible, coinsurance, and copay is based upon payor/plan specifics and/or payor contracts.  CPT® codes and descriptions are copyright of the American Medical Association.  CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association (AMA).  All rights reserved.  Any analysis is not meant to be a complete representation of all potential complex scenarios, it is based on Reimbursement Hub’s understanding of the current landscape and derived from content sources deemed reliable.  Reimbursement Hub does not represent the information to be complete or accurate and should not be interpreted as such.  Final company decisions should be based on expert legal, regulatory, and financial counsel.


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